Is a Personal Trainer Right for Me?

Want to get in shape but not sure where to start? At Bodyjunkies, our personal trainers based at our Islington studio can help you reach your fitness goals.

How to Keep the Momentum with Your Exercise Regime

Do you struggle to keep to a fitness regime? Bodyjunkies offers helpful advice on how to avoid falling off the wagon and keep momentum on your fitness journey.

Increasing Flexibility Through Exercise

If you're looking to increase your flexibility through regular exercises such as stretches, then join our classes offered here at Bodyjunkies today!

Why You Should Start Your Fitness Journey With Bodyjunkies

Everyone starts on day one, so why not make a start and try Bodyjunkies’ classes at our gym near Islington today? We welcome members of all fitness levels.

How to Get the Most from Your Visit to the Gym

Make sure you get the most out of your workout when you visit our Islington gym. Don’t allow your busy London lifestyle to hamper your fitness goals.

What Happens to Your Body During a Work-Out?

Do you know what happens when you exercise? Bodyjunkies explains what you can expect when you take part in our exercise classes in Islington.

Why Choose Classes Over Solo Exercise

Getting started in exercise can be difficult, especially when you are alone. Consider an exercise class in our Islington fitness studio to get you going!

Don’t Get Fooled by Fad Dieting

Avoid the hype of fad diets, stick to a healthy lifestyle with balanced meals and visit your nearest health club, like Islington-based Body Junkies!

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Exercise

It's no secret that regular exercise is good for you, but do you know why? Here, we discuss how our exercise classes in Islington can benefit you.

13 Reasons Why We Know Boxing is a Good Workout

Boxing is just as popular as ever, but have you got what it takes to make it into the ring? So much more than just a good workout, keep reading to find out why!

The Top 5 Benefits of Spinning Classes

If you’re wondering whether spinning classes are for you, let us inform you of some of the main advantages of getting involved. You won’t regret it!

Try a Class on Us!

Don’t put off starting your exercise regime now the weather is starting to turn - head down to Bodyjunkies and try one of our Islington gym classes on us!

How Does Yoga Help to Clear the Mind?

Ever wondered how yoga can clear the mind? Come on down to our studio in Islington to give yoga a try and learn from our expert instructors.

Book a Class for Fitness Day

Fitness Day 2018 falls on Wednesday 26 September and, if you are looking at gyms near Islington, we are offering first classes free here at Bodyjunkies.

Refine Your Yoga Technique in Our B-Flow Class

Feeling out of balance for your week ahead or looking for yoga classes in Islington? Why not drop by our B-Flow Yoga class, suitable for all levels of fitness.

Is the Stomach the Hardest Place to Burn Fat?

Stubborn belly fat is a concern for many gym-goers. Time, patience & our Islington exercise classes with a variety of workouts, can aid the weight loss process.

Get Flexed and Join Our B-Flow Class!

Looking for an alternative to Yoga classes in Islington? Body Junkies is here to help with our B-Flow class, stretch, flex and feel good about yourself!

Getting Healthy with B-Box-Fit!

Boxing - it’s more than throwing a few punches. In fact, it’s a great way to get some decent exercise while learning some fun boxing skills. Not convinced? Why not stop by our boxing gym in Islington and try for yourself!

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

Get Fit and Fab for July, by following our Tailored July Challenge workout or attending our bootcamps ....

30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

4 Classes a week and 16 classes over the month. Weight and Body fat measurements will be taken at the first session of the commencing challenge and taken again on the final day of the challenge...

Tired of jogging fitness plan

Here at bodyjunkies we have a few clients that are completely bored of the running and cycling aspect of cardio to lose weight and tone up. So we have devised a workout that keeps your heart rate up while burning away the fat.

Best Way To Lose Big

One mistake that I see in the gym is people doing their cardio exercise before weight training. If you do cardio session before a weights session it will totally render both activities null and void. When you do cardio with stores of carbohydrates in your body which is stored as glycogen..

Crossing Fit

So I ask myself what is cross fit? Well I have discovered that it is a strength and conditioning system that is designed to use a variety of different exercises to target physical fitness. Using a combination of exercises bodyweight, weights and cardio based drills.