Enjoy Boxing Islington ? Then this is the class for you.

B-Boxing (Click to join) is a 60-minute boxing class.

B-Boxing is an intense boxing class using drills boxers use to keep fit and stay in shape. Every session is different and you should see improvements in your speed, endurance, and strength.

Most of our drills are done on our water filled Aqua bags which offer excellent punching feedback and are very forgiving on the joints. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join this class.

Be prepared to sweat, work harder than you have before, and have fun!


Fancy yourself the next boxing champion or just want a workout that differs from the norm? Consider our B-Boxing class available in our Islington Bodyjunkies fitness studio, London. We incorporate the latest methods and concepts that real boxing professionals use to maintain fitness levels, keep their strength up and stay in shape.

Whether you have a long-standing interest in the sport or are a beginner to fitness classes, we can incorporate all levels of fitness and ability and offer a safe, comfortable space in which to work out and build up your body strength. There is no contact between opponents in the B-Boxing class - instead, you will be working with state of the art Aqua bags which offer more resistance and are easier on your joints whether boxing or kickboxing.

Each B-Boxing session in our Islington studio sees participants put through their paces with intense core workouts, press-ups, sit-ups and the opportunity to learn proper punching sequences through shadow boxing before unloading on the Aqua punch bags. Not only is it an intensive workout, but our B-Boxing classes are a fantastic way to release built-up stress or negative energy after a hard day at work, helping to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

Our B-Boxing classes are run by experienced, friendly instructors who can help you with the correct stance, wrapping hands and wrists and proper form to help prevent injury and strain, helping you work out while staying safe. Boxing improves total body strength and offers an enhanced cardio workout. It can also encourage better focus, develop hand-eye coordination and offer a mentally stimulating workout that is an excellent way to de-stress.

Sign up to join one of our B-Boxing classes today and get all the benefits of a comprehensive fitness workout in a safe and challenging environment. You can stop by our boxing studio in Islington, London, any time as we are open 7 days a week.


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