Small Group Training

Perfect for anyone who finds training in groups more motivating than training alone, our small group training is an intense regime for you and one or two friends. Goal-driven and challenging, these training sessions are not suited for beginners but are absolutely perfect if you’re looking to push yourself in a fast-paced and focused environment.


For many, the most challenging aspect of working out and staying healthy is motivation. Some people struggle with going to the gym at all, others with staying at the gym for a meaningful period of time and a few find it difficult to truly push themselves when working out. Small group training is specifically designed to combat this, making you accountable for attendance whilst dropping you into an intense fitness programme, consistently pushing you with the help of a dedicated instructor.

By its very nature, our small group training in Islington demands that everyone in the group has similar goals and fitness levels, as everyone will be engaging in the same programme of exercise, made bespoke based on your targets.

Whether you and your close friends are looking for an extra-intense fitness challenge or you’ve met some people in the gym who want the same results as you, this training system is capable of helping everyone get where they want to be. Push yourself and try a small group training session - just make sure that you bring some water and get prepared to sweat!

If you’re interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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