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Best Way To Lose Big

Combining Weight training and Cardio

The magic combo to lose weight and getting defined muscle.

Most people are under the misconception that in order to lose weight they must do hours and hours of cardio on what I call the hamster wheel (Treadmill). On the other hand people think that the only reason that you will participate in weight training is to get bigger muscles and that the two activities are totally unrelated. Talking to a lot of new gym goers they usually fail to grasp that the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn at rest.

Indirectly weight training does burn and strip away fat and it also burns a high amount of calories.

One mistake that I see in the gym is people doing their cardio exercise before weight training. If you do a cardio session before a weights session it will totally render both activities null and void. When you do cardio with stores of carbohydrates in your body which is stored as glycogen, this is the fuel your body will burn during the activity. What you really want to burn when you opt to doing cardio is the body’s fat stores and it won’t do this until all the carbs are gone.

So moving on to weight training which relies on glycogen to fuel muscular contractions… So what is the mistake you have just made? Yep you burned it all away in your cardio session. So now you won’t be able to have a good workout because you won’t be able to lift intensely enough to get a good pump. So the best way to have gotten the best out of your gym session was to do WEIGHTS first to deplete glycogen in your muscles then Cardio second to burn fat.


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