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Get Flexed and Join Our B-Flow Class!

If you are looking for a class to help stretch your body into new abilities of flexibility, our B-Flow class could be the exercise class just for you. Created as an alternative to Yoga classes, our Islington based fitness studio can offer you a comfortable place to work on your tone and flexibility.

Whether you are a routine runner, a capable cyclist or put yourself through regular tough training, stretching is a must to keep your muscles flexible and to avoid painful strains and injury. In addition to improving the flexibility of your body, stretching can help tone muscles, maintain good posture and work towards keeping joints supple.

B-Flow Class – What to Expect

Our B-Flow exercise class is a 60-minute long session that will take you through several select poses and positions inspired by standard yoga so to invigorate your body. Perfect for attending after a heavy-duty work-out as a cooling down session or attend the class as part of your regular exercise routine.

Expert and friendly trainers will lead you through the class, ensuring you correctly position your body to avoid strains and injury and available to answer any questions you have during your B-Flow session.

Why Should You Stretch?

Stretching is an important aspect of any exercise or work-out routine and should be done prior to and after any activity that sees you moving your body and increasing your heart-rate. In addition to a warm-up, stretching prepares your body for vigorous activity, prevents strained muscles and decreases the risk of sustaining injury through exercise.

Stretching is also the best way to increase flexibility in your body, through disuse or infrequent periods of use our muscles become short and tight which can make activity uncomfortable and leave you more fatigued. You should stretch your muscles out regularly, although not to the point of pain, and always remember to breath while stretching to ensure your muscles get sufficient oxygen supply.

Stretching and flexibility is just one part of having a healthy body so make sure your routine also incorporates strength training and aerobic activity to target all round fitness. We can also help you with a custom nutrition plan, to help you live a healthy lifestyle and hit your personal goals.

If you would like to increase your flexibility or add a stretching class to your weekly routine, get in touch with our friendly team of trainers on 0203 488 3759 or send us an email via to book your place today!


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