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Getting Healthy with B-Box-Fit!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Trainers, gyms and studios are always looking for different ways to encourage individuals to get up and get active. We are encouraged to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with exercises ranging from yoga and dance exercise to combat based exercise and everything in between! Often, using machines or solo-training can be off-putting to the beginner but interesting and fun-based classes are gradually increasing the uptake by those looking to get fit.

That’s why we are excited to present B-Box – a class available from the boxing gym in our Islington Bodyjunkies Studio. B-Box is a 60-minute class that incorporates methods commonly used by professional and amateur boxers to stay in shape and keep healthy. You’ll find yourself skipping, using pads, shadow boxing and doing some standard exercises including press-ups and sit-ups in addition to strengthening your core.

Why B-Box ?

As a boxing-orientated class, B-Box is considered a combat-based exercise which is naturally quite “aggressive” but is perfect for releasing frustrations at the end of a hard working day. Not only is this great for reducing tension across your body, but incorporating this type of exercise does wonders for your mind and mental health.

As with any exercise, over time you will build muscle and tone and the great thing about B-Box is that you’ll build muscle all over. Rather than just working your upper body like you might think, your glutes will tone up as you balance and pivot in the various boxing stances. This makes it the perfect exercise for those looking to improve their balance and strengthen their core.

Another winning aspect of B-Box is the involved cardio. Routines can be quite fast-paced, working up a sweat and raising your heartbeat. Fantastic when you don’t have time to take multiple classes, you’ll get an all-in-one experience. Should you prefer to take it slow, that’s not a problem - our classes are ideal for attendees of any gender, age and experience level.

What Do You Need for B-Box?

While you can most certainly start a B-Box class with just yourself, beginners will want to get themselves a good work-out outfit and consider a pair of boxing gloves and hand-wraps so to protect their knuckles from heavy impacts. If you are trying a class out, wear something lightweight that allows flexible movement. Are you ready to B-Box ?

You can find our boxing gym at our Islington Fitness Studio located on Holloway Road in London, and our team are available if you would like further information on B-Box or any of our alternative classes. We look forward to assisting you on your fitness journey!


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