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How Does Yoga Help to Clear the Mind?

Fitness is not only a physical state of being but is also a state of mind. Similarly, it is important to be able to give yourself a break and detach yourself from the pressures of everyday life now and then. For this reason, yoga is the perfect activity that combines peace and tranquillity along with a thorough workout.

In Islington, yoga classes are highly sought-after for this exact reason. At our fitness studio, we offer B-Yoga classes for members of all ages and fitness levels that are perfect for helping you clear your mind, especially if you have had a testing day, week or month.


Our B-Yoga classes promote good posture and breathing, which is a key part of clearing the mind. Although on the face of it, yoga may not appear to be the most strenuous of exercises, you will be pushed to your limits and it is important to maintain a proper breathing pattern during your regime.

Inhaling and exhaling correctly maintains control of your body, helping blood to circulate and releasing endorphins which interact with the receptors in the brain. This triggers a positive effect on the body, hence the term ‘running on adrenaline’.

Regular Classes

While you will certainly feel the effects after just one B-Yoga class, in order to maximise the effect you should attend regular classes, or at least do your best to practice at home. Just like any other activity, yoga takes time to master, which is where our highly-trained instructors come in.

At our Islington studio, yoga instructors will help you through the sequence and positions. If you are worried about looking out of place then don't worry - even our instructors had to start somewhere! Remember that fitness is a journey and not a destination.

Book a B-Yoga Class Today

Are you keen to try your hand at one of our B-Yoga classes? If so, then you can book your place through our website today. Our classes begin with a set of gentle stretches in order to wake the body up before transitioning into a meditative finish.

If, however, you would prefer to try something a little bit different, we also offer a modern twist on yoga in our Islington studio. Yoga Urban Warrior sets sequences to modern beats and creative lighting effects for a truly unique yoga experience.

Whether you would prefer your yoga classes to be of a more traditional or upbeat nature, we are sure that you will leave the session feeling re-energised, with a clear mind and renewed positivity.


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