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How to Get the Most from Your Visit to the Gym

If you lead a busy lifestyle, as most Londoners do, your hour at the gym is likely to be your main (and possibly only) form of exercise. This means you have to ensure that the time you spend at the gym doesn’t go to waste – you have to make every second count.

Whatever your fitness goals, whether you want to gain muscle mass, work on your fitness levels or simply lose some weight, here at Bodyjunkies we have the ideal class for you. Instructors at our Islington gym are all professionally qualified and, on top of that, are incredibly supportive regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.

To help you decide on how you can get the most out of your visit to the gym, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular reasons to sign up to a gym membership and the best classes to achieve your goals.

I Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is the most common reason for going to the gym, however, many gym-goers fall into the trap of almost exclusively using weights. While this will burn fat, it will be turned into muscle which is much denser than fat. This means that although the body-fat percentage is decreasing, the chances are that weight is actually being gained.

In order to lose weight, more specifically excess fat commonly around the abdomen, cardio is your friend. Cardiovascular activity burns fat more quickly than any other exercise. Depending on how much fat is in the body, calories can be burned very quickly – especially when it comes to interval training.

Our B-HIIT classes are amazing for those looking to get the most out of their time at the gym, with the potential for a full-body workout that you will feel the next day! Short bursts of intense body-weight exercises will melt excess fat away.

There are four variants of the B-HIIT class, which include a basic 45-minute session, a full body 55-minute workout, a 45-minute class focusing primarily on the lower body and a core-intensive 45-minute session. For best results, in addition to attending our classes, we recommend a healthy, calorie-controlled, balanced diet to not only aid your weight loss goal, but also to keep the body properly fuelled.

I Want to Build Muscle

If building muscle mass is your goal then this is where weights are your friend. However, what if we told you that you can build muscle mass without exclusively committing yourself to pumping the iron? We firmly believe that the best results are achieved as a collective unit. Those who attend our classes will attest to that statement, with many coming back for more… even when the trainers at our Islington gym have pushed their bodies to the limit!

As well as this, we also believe in offering sessions not only inside our premises but outside, too. In fact, you can find our outdoor boot-camp classes held directly outside the home of Arsenal Football Club, the Emirates Stadium. Here, we host our B-60, B-45 and B-HIIT classes that are designed to build and tone muscle by working your body hard.

Here, our instructors make full use of the environment around them as those attending the class will run up and down steps, utilise walls as part of their workout as well as making use of equipment such as medicine balls. Sessions are usually held early in the morning and in the evening, helping you fit your workout around your daily schedule.

I Want to Improve My Fitness

Perhaps your main goal is neither losing weight nor building muscle and you just want to improve your fitness levels. Cardio is, of course, going to be your best means of improving your fitness, but similar to losing weight, there are good and bad ways to go about it. Yes, long runs will improve your fitness, but the isolation that comes with running can make it hard to maintain motivation.

Equally, interval training will build fitness better than prolonged cardio exercises at a constant intensity. If you truly want to find out how fit you are, then you need to put on a pair of boxing gloves and take part in our B-Boxing classes. During this class, your instructor will set out a circuit blending boxing and other exercises into one sweat-inducing workout.

With gloves and pads in use, this is a good class to bring along a friend who can take part alongside you. Not only will this help to keep you motivated on a week-by-week basis, but it will also help you to get the most out of your time at the gym by pushing you as hard as you can go.

If boxing isn’t quite your thing, however, that’s fine because at Bodyjunkies, we also offer our B-Cycle that is designed to work on endurance. With state of the art bikes that use magnetic resistance to replicate a true road-bike experience, this is one class that will take you to the max in just 50 minutes!

Quality Not Quantity

It is entirely possible to achieve more in a highly intensive 45-minute workout than an easy two-hour gym session full of breaks in between each exercise. This means your workouts are highly effective without taking up a full morning or afternoon - perfect for those leading busy London lifestyles!

To get the most out of your gym experience, we thoroughly recommend mixing up your workout. Try out a wide range of classes and exercises instead of focusing solely on just one as this is where motivation can quickly be lost, resulting in missed session after missed session.

Finally, set yourself a manageable goal and, once you reach it, reward yourself! Life is for living, which is why we perform to the best of our ability with a smile on our face. This is what all of our instructors live by at Bodyjunkies, and they are waiting to welcome you to one of their classes.

Book a class with us today by clicking here and remember to use the code ‘Tryus’ to get your first class free.


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