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Try a Class on Us!

The weather may be turning colder and the evenings getting darker, but don’t put your gym clothes away with your summer outfits. Instead, let us motivate you! Get your kit on and head down to the Bodyjunkies studio to try one of our excellent Islington gym classes - on us!

We're offering your first class free for anyone booking onto our Bodyjunkies studio classes using the promotional code “tryus”. If you aren’t sure what class will work best for you, check out these amazing activities that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping!

B-Cycle Your Way to Increased Endurance

Ride along to the rhythm in one of our B-Cycle classes, available here in our Bodyjunkies studio. We offer only the best equipment so jump on one of our state-of-the-art Keiser M3i bikes with adjustable magnetic resistance and start building your stamina levels. Classes last for 45 minutes and will leave you sweat-drenched but feeling great!

Don’t Get Fit, Get B-Box-Fit

Ever wished for an exercise class that not only gives your body a workout but also allows you to release the stresses of a hard day? B-Box-Fit could be the class for you! Lasting for an intense 60 minutes, our B-Box-Fit class will take you through some popular drills used by professional boxers in order to increase your stamina and fitness levels. There’s no experience required for attending our B-Box-Fit classes and we welcome all levels of fitness to join us.

Wake Up with B-Yoga

Restore, rejuvenate and revitalise yourself with our B-Yoga class; the perfect session to kick off your day or finish off a stressful week. During our B-Yoga class, you will progress through a set of gentle stretches to get your body warmed up before proceeding into a collection of restorative yoga poses and ending with a relaxing, meditative finish.

Dance Yourself Fit with B-Zumba

Want a fun class that will see you returning session after session? Then you need our B-Zumba class! Get to your feet and dance to the beat with our original dance party fitness classes, playing the best exotic rhythms and Latin sounds to get you excited to move, groove, sweat and get fit! Our B-Zumba classes are high energy and offer plenty of entertainment with no restrictions on levels of fitness and experience, so come on down and try B-Zuma today!

All of our classes are designed around offering you an enjoyable fitness session to encourage regular exercise and get you motivated to work out while having fun at the same time. Don’t put off starting or restarting your exercise journey and try one of our exciting Islington gym classes 100% free. Give us a call on 0203 488 3759 or book into one of our classes via the website.


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28 août 2021

Great post thankk you

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