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Book a Class for Fitness Day

Sometimes, so-called ‘national days’ can be meaningless and, let’s face it, utterly pointless. However, there is one day that we at Body Junkies can get behind and that is Fitness Day, which falls on Wednesday 26 September this year.

This could spark a search for gyms near Islington, and if that is the case, look no further than Body Junkies. At our studio, we offer fitness classes for everyone – from hard-hitting B-Box-Fit to more laid-back B-Yoga sessions, meaning that you can easily join in the fun this Fitness Day.

What Does Fitness Mean to You?

Fitness can mean many different things to different people. For some, fitness can simply be the ability to get out of bed in the morning, while to others, it is all about pushing your body to the limit to better your physical condition. Whatever it means to you, it is better to start your journey sooner rather than later.

You do not have to commit yourself to hitting the gym seven days a week – you will only burn yourself out. Even if you can only manage one or two sessions a week it is still better than sitting on the sofa with junk food every night.

Here at Body Junkies, we welcome people of all shapes and sizes. If you have ever been put off when searching for gyms near Islington due to perceived high expectations, you can rest assured that with us, you will enjoy working out in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Personal Training Sessions

As well as classes, we also offer personal one-to-one training sessions where our personal trainers will work with you to set out a plan to reach your individual goals. All of our sessions are planned around your schedule and availability, so if you cannot commit to a rigid time slot there's no need to worry - here at Bodyjunkies, we understand that life can be busy.

Our fantastic team of trainers are here to make you the best possible version of yourself. This Fitness Day, why not book a session and see exactly what the road to your own personal fitness goal looks like?

Join Today

Joining Body Junkies couldn’t be easier and you can get your first class free when you use the promo code "Tryus". This means that you can try your hand at any of our classes led by professional instructors, helping you to make an informed decision when looking for gyms near Islington.

To book your class, simply log onto our classes page here, enter the promo code and work up a sweat! What better way to mark Fitness Day?


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