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Crossing Fit

As a personal trainer I have seen many fitness fads come and go in the past but one that is ringing all the alarms bells is Cross fit .

So I ask myself what is cross fit? Well I have discovered that it is a strength and conditioning system that is designed to use a variety of different exercises to target physical fitness. Using a combination of exercises bodyweight, weights and cardio based drills it ensures total fitness can be achieved and every muscle is being used in a single session.

Crossfit exercises include: Rowing, jumping, learning and using power lifting techniques to move objects explosively and as efficiently as possible, free weights, pull up bars and bodyweight routines. All in turn targeting Accuracy, Coordination, Balance, Agility, Endurance, Stamina, Power, Speed, and Flexibility.

This information sounds great as these are all of the areas in which we aim to target when we are in the gym but in most cases never have the time or usually not motivated enough to endure that type of workout. So most people just stick to what they know best and continue in their routines and almost never placing themselves in the position to push their limits.

So having found the information and training techniques useful I wanted to find out more about Crossfit and how it could benefit females as well as guys. So I went down to a local cross fit gym..


Wow WOD (Workout Of the Day) ,You vs Yourself and You vs Time

Crossfit was challenging I consider myself fit I normally try different sorts of training styles but it was very surprising the level of intensity and the general atmosphere of competition and community, During the workout all I could think was “keep pushing” constantly challenging myself to get 1 more rep out against the clock striving to be better and do better than anyone else even if I throw up. All I can say is that this level of intensity should not intimidate anyone particularly women who have perhaps let their fitness slide or are not used to incorporating weights into their workout regimes. Crossfit can easily be adapted to all fitness levels and as long as you are prepared to challenge yourself, your fitness will increase as it is common practice to keep a record of the number of reps and weight performed during the allotted time frame which will act as a milestone each time you go.

I would highly recommend at least trying crossfit as a way of shaking up your training routine I could definitely see the benefits.


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