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Is the Stomach the Hardest Place to Burn Fat?

A large majority of gym-goers sign up to their memberships for the same reason, to trim down their waistline in the hope of a flat stomach or the fabled six-pack. However, they soon realise that the mid-section is one of the hardest places possible to burn fat, finding that they lose weight around the face, arms and legs easier.

There is no one exercise to rule them all, which is why our exercise classes in Islington prove so popular, meaning that our members benefit from flexible exercise regimes. By varying exercises, different parts of the body get a workout, while our members are more likely to stay motivated with variation.

Slow visible results are the number one reason why gym members lose motivation and cancel their memberships, which is why we believe giving as much choice as possible is important.

Why Losing Stomach Fat Can Take a Long Time

Much of the reason why it can feel like it can take an eternity to lose fat around the stomach is simply due to genetics. If members of your family find it harder to lose fat around the mid-section, the chances are, that you will, too.

Another reason is that you may well be doing the wrong types of exercise to lose weight around the belly. Cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling are popular choices, however, on their own, they won’t burn fat quickly around the belly as this area is not being directly worked.

This is where our various exercise classes in Islington can complement cardio, helping to build muscle and tone areas of the body that otherwise may be missed or not as strenuously worked out by running or cycling.

Best Exercises to Burn Stomach Fat

Crunches, lunges, squats and planks are all excellent exercises that you can feel really working the abdomen area. As good as those are, nothing truly comes close to the all-rounded fitness experience that our classes provide.

At Body Junkies, our professional instructors ensure that you are able to enjoy a full body workout whilst having fun at the same time. Fitness should never feel like a chore, which is why we make a point of making sure that all of our members exercise with a smile on their face.

The atmosphere in our gym is a welcoming one, which ultimately aids you in reaching your fitness goals. For more information on how our Islington exercise classes can benefit you, please do not hesitate to call our team on 0203 488 3759 or send us a message via the contact page.


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