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Tired of jogging fitness plan

Here at bodyjunkies we have a few clients that are completely bored of the running and cycling aspect of cardio to lose weight and tone up. So we have devised a workout that keeps your heart rate up, while burning away the fat for a completely muscular and toned body.

We recommend you do this twice a week and should last 45 minutes.

Starting point

1. Interval sprints on the treadmill 30 sec sprint and 30 sec jog for 2 sets Set the treadmill to 10mph or 16kph (or at a speed that will push you) step on the treadmill till it builds up to the right speed and start your 1st count down of the 30 sec sprint after sprint use the hand rails to jump off to re adjust the speed to a jog 6mph or 9kph repeat this twice then head over to the next exercise.

2. Squat and Press 10 reps Your heart would still be pumping from the last exercise and this exercise requires a lot of power and energy that generates all the way from legs through the core then to the arms one of the most complete movements in weight training. Start with weight you can lift for 10 reps, grasp the barbell with an overhand grip and position it at chin level with both hands directly above your elbows. Squat down, then push up gently and raise the barbell above your head. Bring the weight back to shoulder level and repeat.

3. Press ups 10 reps Get into the press up position and place your hand shoulder width apart press up and down without flexing your hips complete the then return to the start at the sprints on the treadmill. 2 sets to go. 3 sets cycle

4. Interval sprints on the treadmill 20 sec sprint and 20 sec jog for 2 sets This is the second circuit. This time sprint for 20 sec at a 11mph or 17kph and jog for 20 sec at 7 mph or 11 kph jump off jump off and head for the chin up bar.

5. Chin Ups Take an over hand grip shoulder width apart and proceed to pull yourself up till you can see feel the contraction of your upper back muscles squeeze and release and lower to the start position repeat for 10 reps. Starting to feel the burn time to move onto the next exercise of the circuit

6. Mountain Climbers 20 sec Now time to target the lower part of your abs, position yourself in the press up position and keep your hips low and pull your knees into your lower abs left, right in a jogging motion keep this going for 20 seconds and then return back to the beginning set. Final sets

7. Interval sprints on the treadmill 10 sec sprint and 10 sec jog for 2 sets This is the third circuit. This time sprint for 10 sec at a 12mph or 18kph and jog for 10 sec at 8 mph or 12 kph jump off and head for the mats for some ab work.

8. Russian Twist 20 sec Sit on the mat with your knees at a 45 degree angle and a medicine ball put your hands on both sides and lean back slightly twist from side to side touching the ball on either side of the mat.

9. Spider man Plank Position yourself in the plank position and draw your knees up to your elbows and repeat that on either side 10 reps. After you have completed this set start back at exercise 7 and repeat it two more times after this workout cool down and stretch.

Well done.

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