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Why You Should Start Your Fitness Journey With Bodyjunkies

Tired of feeling tired? Fed up of making excuses why half of your wardrobe doesn’t fit quite as comfortably as it used to? Running out of excuses why you can’t make time to exercise?

If so, don’t worry - there certainly isn’t anything to feel ashamed about. Numerous members who were once just like you found our gym near Islington the perfect place to begin their fitness journey. No matter how far the journey, the first step is always the hardest and our fitness professionals are the perfect team to help you along the way.

As well as benefitting from sessions led by highly experienced trainers, our classes make for a fantastic place for peer-to-peer encouragement. If you feel as though you are alone when you make the decision to start your fitness journey, the team here at Bodyjunkies want you to know that you will never walk, run or cycle alone. We’ve got your back.

It’s Not a Short-Term Fix, it’s a Long-Term Change of Lifestyle

If your number one goal is to lose weight and trim an inch or two from around your waistline, you have probably dabbled in a fad diet or two with the promise of losing a substantial amount in a short space of time. What those magazines neglect to inform you, however, is that the weight and inches will soon creep back up on you, leaving you right back at square one.

Here at our Islington gym, we don’t offer short-term fixes. Instead, we offer a long-term change of lifestyle that will help you to reach and maintain your fitness goals. Through managed sessions and personal trainers on hand to offer individual fitness plans designed to help you reach your target, our members look forward to working up a sweat!

If You’re Not Enjoying Exercise, You’re Doing it Wrong

If your initial thought of exercise is anything other than excitement, you need to re-evaluate your fitness regime. When you begin to dread the thought of hitting the gym or attending a class, that is when you need to change what you are doing. Change is good, stopping is not.

Even elite athletes need variety in their training programme to keep them motivated. Ask any coach and they will tell you that if they set out exactly the same training plans week after week, not only would their athletes soon become bored, but they wouldn’t be pushing themselves half as much as they should. This is precisely why Bodyjunkies offers a vast array of classes, allowing for our members to benefit from a varied fitness offering.

But I’ve Never Attended a Fitness Class Before…What if I Look Silly?

You won’t! Our classes are designed to suit attendees of all fitness levels. If you are worried about not being able to keep up with the class then allow us to allay those fears for you. When you attend a class for the first time, you expect to be shown new things that may take a while to master… it’s life. If everyone in the class needed no additional support then there would be no need for our team of instructors at all.

We are there to help you. We are a friendly bunch and we encourage our members to see our classes as social events rather than just workouts. Feel free to bring a friend along, not only because it is proven that those who workout with a friend stay motivated, but because their first class with Bodyjunkies is completely free… as is yours!

This means that you can try out our classes risk-free. If you feel as though it’s not for you, we will be sad that we couldn’t entice you back for more, but you can leave us without any overbearing membership fees. Having said that, we are more than confident that once you join us at our fantastic gym near Islington, you will be looking forward to your next class before the end of your first.

Everyone Started on Day One

Whether your end goal is to fit back in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years, get yourself ‘beach ready’ or to get your body shredded, everyone starts on day one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t come out of the womb sporting a six-pack, Hulk Hogan didn’t always have his world-famous 24-inch pythons and Serena Williams doesn’t physically dominate her opponents through pure chance. They all started on day one. They all started the same as you.

When you are motivated, anything is possible. For more information on the wide range of classes available at our Islington gym, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Bodyjunkies team today.


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